Parties are the best time with my friends for many reasons. One is that I am in my natural habitat and out of the uncomfortable school uniform. Another is I can do anything with them and don't have a limited time. We all have sone pretty interesting parties. For exalmple one party we went to a batch and swam in the freezing cold ocean to a pontoon and jumped off!


We all see eachother at school but because we don't see eachother in classes, lunch is the best part of the day. You can also catch up on the school gossip! We all have multiple group chats and have various codes for different things. Eg 'gtttfl/mt' means 'go to the tree for lunch / morning tea. And ofcourse we use the basic ttyl (talk to you later), brb (be right back), and lol (laughing out loud)


Most of us have pets. There is the dogs: Ellie, Ollie, Cookie, Guss, Pippa and Gizmo. And the cats: Nala, Crumpet, Breeze and Meadow, Poppy and Daisy. I think that we should have a day in the weekend where we all bring our pets to someone's house and they can have one big play date! But I don't know if they will all get along!


As I promised my friends, here are all their Instagrams and Snapchats! @hattie_parker @isla_slade @abi_kk399 @maddie_hill @madzthemonkey @samantha_bellingham @jessie7594 @banana_pete
Visit my friend Hattie's page for more friends info! Or visit my friend Isla's page for even more friends info!